Tuesday 6th May

We woke to heavy persistant rain this morning. I’d already arranged with Grandma that she would take the kids to school as Noah and I are attending a 10 week Baby Social class. This was the third week. Its at Primrose Childrens Centre, which is a 20 minute walk away. I thought, if i walk there, it’s not going to be much fun sitting from 9.45-11.00 soaking wet, so i asked my dad if i could borrow his car. It was a big step for me because i had not driven in 6 and a half months! Eek! All went well though and felt as though i had not had the break.

They was 2 mams there and the instructor called Catherine who i realised i knew from when i did my nursery nursing training in a babys room at cleadon kindergarten. It was nice it was just a very small group because of the rain.

Noah loved playing with a white horse, large white cockeral and a dinosaur. This week we played with water. I hadn’t brought spare clothes with just coming in the car, so i striped him down to his body suit. He loved sitting next to the cintainer splashing his arms in. They was a couple of boats and squirty fish to pay with. Good job i changed him because he was wet!

We sang a couple of songs and he loved playing with a plastic shaker and sucking on its round end.

One of the mams is called Katie, who i did baby massage with and her son Oscar. I think he is about a month younger than Noah. Perhaps 5 and a half months now. Then theres another mam, who i can’t recall her name at the moment, and her daughter Holly. She is a month older than Noah at about 7 and a half months. It’s nice to be able to get out and chat with other mums.

I’ve noticed today that Noah is getting better at sitting unaided. Although he did take a nose dive forward. I was worried he’d get a mark on his forehead, but luckily i don’t think the fall was bad enough. Phew! He managed to go onto his tummy today, realised he didn’t like it, then rolled himself onto his back. Yeay!

Playing while he should be in bed.

Playing while he should be in bed.

I'm getting better at sitting on my own!

I’m getting better at sitting on my own!


The kids had clubs tonight. Emily does Hula Hooping, Evie Gymnastics and Jacob Dance and Drama because its on the same day as the girls. They also have film club every other Thursday. Noah was due a sleep at 4 pm and pick up time is 4.30pm so i took Noah fora walk along bedeburn road, past the allotments then up the police bank to give him a sleep. It was dry but blustery although the wind wasn’t cold.

Neil went out home teaching tonight. Noah decided it wasn’t bedtime and ended up back downstairs at 7.45. Evie helped me to put a white load of washing in, including Neils white football gear for tomorrow night. It had missed the wash. She was a good help holding Noah, then hanging wet washing on the clothes airer. She enjoyed it because she was supposed to be in bed.

I watched a programme on tv about bread. It was interesting. One fact was that everyone in the country prefers thick sliced bread apart from people in the North East who buy medium. I’ve always preferred medium for sarnies! Plus when the bread goes into the tins to be baked it goes in as 4 seperate pieces that join together when baking. This gives it, its spreadability, so it doesn’t tear when spreading butter tc on.

Noah settled to sleep at 10 pm. I watched more of midsumer murders with a slice of brown bread! He eas good and just up the once with a 20 min feed then up at 5.55 for his morning feed before being up at around 6.30.




Saturday 2nd May

Neil had still been working outside and Noah was asleep so i put Jacob to bed. We read some of his Marvel story collection of Spiderman and had found some spiderman tattoos. He wanted them on and i said tomorrow we could perhaps put them on his tummy. Well with it being a Saturday, Neil now takes Noah downstairs to let me catch up on sleep. Jacob had approached Neil with the tattoos and Neil said after he had finished whatever he was doing. The next thing he knows s that Jacob comes back with both sheets of full tattoos applied to his tummy by himself! What a little caracter!

Saturday 2nd May

Well i’ve decided to try and blog again. I’m up a few times in the night with Noah, which actually gives me the time to blog!

At the moment Neil is working out the back making a seating area, put up a freebie playhouse, new bark and a general tidy up. We always seem to end up with a big mess.

The kids already have a trampoline which they love, a swing and a slide. We also have a water ship given to us by Ruth and Norman Dempsey. We plan to turn our old garden table into a big sand pit. We’ve had chickens out he back previously so i wouldn’t fancy eating from it!

Here’s how its doing so far:


Neil worked on this on Saturday. The kids were in and out playing on the trampoline, but it was freezing!

One lovely memory i have of Saturday was all the kids playing with the wooden blocks. These timeless blocks which i’m sure little Emily had to given of Nan and grandad when she was little. Noah was sat on the floor putting them in his mouth and each of the children were doing there own thing. Jacob was making towers or copying ones i had made for him, then used his Hulk Smash hands to smash them own. Emily was making towers and Evie along with towers made a domino stack, then realised some blocs wouldn’t give the same effect. Later Jacob made a long road with them for his cars. Happy Memories.

I managed to spend a bit of time in Jacob’s room, its been a bombsite and still far from being organised again, but i made a start and we have floorspace again! He loved playing with all of his toys today from transformers to dinosaurs, castles to cars. Then he took some figures downstairs to play with at teatime. I think he spent all afternoon in his room along with his late lunch of dinosaur cut jam sarnies.

The Baby Princess

The new baby princess was born on Saturday the 2nd of May. Her name was announced today as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. After her grandfather Prince Charles, her great grandmother the queen and her late grandma princess Diana.

The girls were particularly excited at the news of the royal birth.


Princess Charlotte Prince George

Princess Charlotte
Prince George

Auntie Emily’s BBQ

Bank holiday Monday
4th May 2015

Auntie Emily and Uncle Isaac moved into their new house in Blyth at the end of March after their wedding on the 6th Feb of this year. All the family were invited round to enjoy a BBQ. Luckily the weather had improved after it rained for the best part of the day the day before.

We arrived a bit late just before 12, after another restless night with Noah, i was so glad of a lie in! The girls had been to the allotment with Grandma and had brought home a few more onions and eggs and had gathered a lovely bunch of bluebells and hyathis. We popped into Jarrow to buy an outdoor baby swing for Noah and some sand and while Neil dropped our buys off at home we nipped into Morrisons for juice and pop for the BBQ. Next stop was Next at Silverlink to buy plimsill sort of shoes for the summer for the girls, previous years we’ve left this a bit late and not had the choice, or bought from cheaper shops and they havn’t lasted, but after last year getting some for Eve here, we returned. Unfortunity after many choices of design and sizes only one pair managed to fit Emily. They both seem to be inbetween sizes! Grrrr! So much for forward planning! We did buy Evie some black plimsell type shoe at asda 2 weeks previously for £3.50 to wear with her school summer dresses. I think we may return and get some more as we usually have troble finding shoes for Eve as she has a wide foot like me.

So after a quick dive into Next we arrived at Auntie Ems. Uncle Aaron and Lucy had stayed over night and Grandma and Grandad were there. We all walked round to the park next to there house and spent half an hour there before walking back to start the food and for the arrival of Kris and Donna.



The food was lovely! We had burgers, sausages and marinated chicken along with buns, salads, coleslaw, potato salad and cheese slices. For pudding there was yummy apple pies from Lidl and Emily had bought mini milks and fabs for the kids although Grandad enjoyed these too.

Isaac had been working with extra pay and an extra days holiday but arrived home intime for food and to quickly lie slate on the otherside of his lawn in the garden. They have space at the back for a veg patch, she already has onions planted. Lawn in the middle with slate eitherside and they are waiting for more slabs to finish a patio area. Her kitchen doors open fully onto this. We all were seated on garden chairs.

Noah was good and managed two short naps in his pushchair while we were there and enjoyed a dinner of fruity museli. He also had cuddles from everyone, but as soon as he saw me again he’d want me. We are currently going through that stage i think! Oh and he also watched ‘Tipping point’, a gameshow he loves! Counters go into a machine after questions have been answered to try and get more counters out, just like the 2p fair games.

When we arrived home the kids went into the bath after they had played in the dirt rady for school in the morning and Noah enjoyed a bath in the kitchen sink in his new pale blue washing up bowl! I then game him nearly a full body massage while he watched tipping point upstairs before bed. He was nice and calm lol.

Magnetic Letters

imageI’ve never really thought much about magnetic letters until i read this post. Theres some fantastic ideas here for both young and older children!


Jacob wanted his pjs on this afternoon and later informed me he’s going up to school in his pushchair, because he is a little boy still! His friend Rhys has a cast on his foot and is currently going up and down to school in his pushchair. I just hope he stays in it! Fingers crossed he’ll get changed from his fleecy pjs, its 20 degrees outside! 

Jacob’s library book from nursery is about knights. He took his bow and arrow with him today as Evie took hers into school along with her coin from Barnard Castle. Jacob was happy to leave it with Kay on the front desk. He rode home on his scooter with his friend Zach. So glad to hear that they’ll be in the same school in September. His other close friend Roman is actually going to my school, Doh! 



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