Charity Shops

 I had a look in two of my local charity shops today and found some great bargins.  I managed to buy 2 tops for myself, brand new with tags for under £3 each.  I’ve had some great deals on kids clothes in the past.  I managed to get a lovely Tommy Hilfiger skirt, excellent condition for 69p a couple of months ago.

My next purchase was teacups and sauces, hence the pic (not the ones i bought).  My intention, is to make these into Candles.  I made a candle last Christmas, by melting down candles and re-using the wick.  I made this in a plain white tea cup and saucer and it looked fab!  I got 8 cups and saucers for £3.99.  Less than 50p each.  I already have candles which i bought in Ikea for 20p a box, they are sented and smell great!

I managed to buy a Flamenco dress for Evie!!! £2.99.  I couldn’t believe it.  This is exactly what she wants.  It’s her birthday in 3 weeks so i’ve hidden it!  I have no shame in doing this, and do it all the time for my children.  I buy used things from Ebay, so why not from charity shops and car boot sales (talk about those later).  I even manage to pick up brand new items!  I had been looking at a farm carousel for jacob (12 months) a few weeks ago while we were on holiday, it was £25.  The next day i found one in a charity shop, brand new, sealed box, for £2!! It’s away for Christmas!

I also bought today an Orchid Toys game, called Rain or Shine for 99p.  This range is lovely!  This is also going away for a birthday!

My last bargin was a Christmas short stories book.  80p, orgionally £6.99.

I guess though my best bargin today was going to the library and borrowing books!  This costs nothing, as long as i return them on time.  I must have saved hundreds of pounds doing this.


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  1. Not So Suzy
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 15:20:34

    I’m a thrift-shop fiend! I go near daily. We only have 2 in the small town I live in, but I do a lot of sewing and “upcydling” hence I buy all my fabric and supplies from our op-shop. Both me and my children are on first-name basis with all the staff, they even put really vintage/retro fabric and things aside for me now, knowing that I’ll probably be interested in it! 🙂 I honestly can’t recall the last time I bought “new’ clothing (aside from some WAHM made stuff for the kids). Hurray for thrift shops! 😀


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