A moment of bliss

I had probably one of the first uninterupted baths this morning for a very long time!  It was rather quite odd to be honest. I kept thinking someone would barge through the door at any moment.  The secret was that i was putting Jacob to bed.  The girls know not to disturb him, as he was a terrible sleeper when he was younger.  I was going out to my friends Hawiian party and needed to wash my hair.  I still had loads to do that morning, so decided to quickly nip in.  I ran the bath and climbed in.  I used some posh coconut scrub, to go with the Hawiian theme (silly thing, i know).  I realised no children!  No-one hanging over the edge dabbling fingers or trying to climb in too.  We have a corner bath and ive been known to have all  3 children join me!  So, i lay right down in the bath, with my ears under listening to the water running.  It was bliss, pure bliss.  Theres nothing like a good soak in the bath.  When i (eventually) sat up, the water was just under the top of the bath.  I was so relaxed i could have gone to sleep right there and then under a blanket of warm water.  I just kept thinking – no children.  Wow this is a first.  After getting out, reluctantly, i even managed to moisturise and cleanse, wear foundation and sharpen my eyeliner.  With no children in sight, wanting to sharpen it for me (you know how it just snaps).  This felt great and i left the bathroom tidy with no soggy towels or wet floors. No Toys filling the bath and clothes left haphazidly on the floor.  No Leaky shampoo and conditioner bottles, or a previously full shower gel, totally emptied.  As i entered the living room, the girls turned to me and asked “Mum, have you been in the bath?” I answered and they replied “oh” and carried on with what they were doing.  Perhaps this is the way forward and i may have peaceful bathing in the future.  One can only dream…


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