A trip on the ferry

We had an adventure today.  It was Jacobs first trip on a metro (chu chu) and the ferry.  We went with my brother and my Gran.  She turned 90 this year in June.  It’s very rare we do public transport.  Just for the fact we have the car, and with school and nursery runs, there was no time for big outings during the day.  I’m very lucky and live only 5 minutes walk away from the town, so it’s never been needed. 

Well we started off.  There is always alot of excitment when buttons need pressing for the traffic light crossings and finding our way to the metro.  Figuring out what tickets we need to purchase and the fact that Evie travels free for another 3 weeks.  I thought she would have got upset that she didn’t need a ticket, but she is looking forward to her birthday, so skipped past that hurdle.  The metro came and we found our seats and counted each stop before we reached our stop.  Again, excitment for the lift.  Our next stop the toilets.  The girls love these toilets, there is a little cubicle on the end, which has a half door and small toilet.

We arrived at the Ferry to see Gran-Gran and uncle Aaron waiting for us.  We were on time for the Ferry, so did not have to wait long.  Gran, Jacob and i sat downstairs while Aaron and the girls went on deck.  This short journey across the water thrilled them.  We walked along near the river and stopped in a Cafe for chip dinners (Jacob really behaved himself!). With great luck there was a ferry waiting to take us home.

 The real purpose of writing this story is tell you what i saw at the end of our trip.  I saw my brother, a young man of 20, pushing my frail 90 year old Grandmother in a wheelchair.  What a touching sight to see.  This was his trip.  He planned it.  He wanted to take his Gran out for the day.  And i am so lucky to have been invited, and witness this moment between a brother and his Gran.


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