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The Elves arrived this morning in the post.  Now to print the letters etc.


I want to make one!

Ruffle Necktie Tee Tutorial


{Ruffle Necktie Tee Tutorial}
Here’s what you need…

tee {mine was Forever 21- $1.50, or use one on hand}

tie {thrifted- $2 or use your hubby’s old tie!}
button {on hand}
and your trusty sewing machine, needle & thread
i hate pinning, so i didn’t do it! {i know there are some of you that are shaking your head…go ahead & pin if you’d like!} just wing it! it’s funner that way 😉
{1} starting with the left side of the neckline & the small end of the tie. lay tie on top of neckline & start sewing straight.
{2} you will continue sewing a straight line on the left side of the neckline & on the back of the neckline.
{3} STOP when you get to the seam on the top right shoulder.
{4} to make ruffles: fold tie upward & sew on top. continue folding & sewing so it looks like this…
see! ruffles already 🙂
pretty sure my sewing machine was hating me by the time this was over! it takes a lot of work for my poor $60 sewing machine to make it over all those thick ruffles 🙂
{5} when you get close to the end, just lay the end of the tie flat. continue sewing until you meet up with the beginning stitch on the left side. {you will want to turn your sewing needle to meet up so it will create a “V”}
the bottom part of your tie will not be attached to the shirt, so it will flap like this.
{6} grab that cute button & hand sew it to your shirt.
And you’re DONE!!
So easy & stylish!
*I hope these directions made sense. You never know if what makes sense to you in your brain makes sense to others. If you have any questions let me know!

I loved doing this, I had to make another….

I’d love to see your tees if you decide to make one!
Email me your tees at:

Evie’s Birthday Parties!

Evie’s birthday parties were a great success! 

I managed to get all the cakes baked and decorated in time.  The princess tiaras cut out and gems and jewels ready.  Little tiaras cut out and ready for sticking for pin the crown on the princess.  For the family party, the playdough was made between parties for the party bags.  It was odd preparing 2 buffets, it felt like daje-vu!

For the first party.  Evie’s friends came dressed as princess’.  We made princess tiaras, then they decorated cakes using pink/lilac icing, and various princessy sprinkles.  The cakes looked great and we displayed them on a large cake stand in the middle of the table and ate them for dessert.  I wished i’d had a photo!  We then had party food.  I had picked up some princess party boxes and filled them with their food.  Fridge items i’d previously sorted out into plastic bags in the fridge and tipped them into each bag when we were ready.  I had cooked chicken nuggets and these went in once the children were sitting down.  I’d cut sandwiches into hearts using a cookie cutter, they had various fillings.  Theses were arranged on a plate and offered to the children.  Things like peppers/cucumber/toms/grapes etc went into dishes on the table for children to help themselves to as they would go soggy in a box.  Jelly and spoons with a satsuma were already in the boxes, but i put out party rings, iced gems, pink and chocolate mallows and pink fingers for dessert.  Also crisps went out onto the table.  I made some nibbles for the adults too.  We sang Happy Birthday and Evie blew out her candles on the cakes.  Then they all joined in blowing out the candles.  We played pass the parcel and pin the crown onto the princess.  I had a cd with a song for pass the parcel, it was great as no one had to stop and start a cd and get blamed for cheating!  We ran out of time for other games, so in the princess bag i had used for the crown game we’d put in prizes for each child.  They were princess lollies and popping candy.  Evie handed out the party bags while i cut the cake.  For Evies party bags i managed to get alot of princess things at good prices.  They each had a princess pen and stickers.  I printed out princess pictures and reduced these to fit 4 on an A4 sheet.  I had bought two packs of pencils and split them up, each child recieved 8 colouring pencils.  I got a princess jewlery set that had 12 sets of 4 items.  A small tiara, necklace, ring and bracelet. Oh and off course sweets, which included a small pack of lovehearts!!!  I got a great deal on the party bags themselves.  They cost £1.05 for 20, they were plastic bags with crowns etc on them and tied with a pink tie.  Whereas normal party bags were going to cost £4.50 for 24!  Evie really enjoyed herself and at the end came over and said thank you for her party.  It was sooo sweet!

I put Jakey to bed and quickly started on the playdough.  We made red for girls scented with strawberry and green for the boys scented with peppermint.  i had wanted to make a few colours but ran out of time!  In their party bags were cutters, the playdough and sweeties!  The playdough to make cost under a £1 whereas to buy it closer to £10 for the amounted i needed, so saved a bomb!  At the family party all the kids just played together and after food they played pass the parcel.  Again Evie really enjoyed herself and thanked us after, which i found really sweet again and was the icing on the cake! 

We will definately do this for Emily’s party in 6 weeks time.  I like reading what others have done for parties and party bags, they can be very helpful!  Although i hope to be a little more organised and less stressed before hand. Although the stress was worth it as i love organising parties!  I’m starting to think about Emilys party already and have picked up some items for party bags, i will also pick up plates etc soon to help spread the cost and time nearer the party. 

One Act Of Random Kindness – Do It Today!

I would not normally write about this, as i think these things should be kept personal and should not be boasted about.  But something happened today and by sharing i hope i can inspire someone today to give a ‘random act of kindness’. 

I was walking home from a parents group at school, i saw a lady struggling with her shopping.  I have a pushchair with a large basket underneath, so i crossed over and simply asked, ”Have you far to go?  Would you like me to put some of your shopping into my basket?”

The worst that would happen, was she would say no – and i’d never see her again.

She answered ”Yes”.

It was’nt far, just around the corner.  We chatted about our families.  She shared apart of herself.  She was very grateful and also her husband at the front door.

As i left, i felt so good inside.  She may have felt that i had helped her, where infact she had helped me feel good about myself.

As i say, I don’t normally talk about these things.  But i want you to feel great, as i had.

You don’t have to go out and carry someones shopping.  A simple smile passing someone in the street.  As a yawn is contagious, so is a smile.  Pass one on today.

Please give ‘One Act Of Random Kindness’ today.  Whatever it may be, brighten someone and yourself today!


We’ve been watching events of 9/11.  I can’t begin to imagine the absolute fear of the people.  The gut wrenching sadness of the familys.  The fatigue and exhaustion of the servicemen and the horrific memories to all.  We will never forget.

10 years ago today, this tragedy happened.  I was standing in Your More Store in Jarrow, looking at candles when i heard what had happened on the radio in the shop.  I remember going home and asking what had happened.  Watching the accounts.  I was 19 years old then.

I am now 29, married, 3 children later and still remember and always will.  I have not lost anyone personally as many have.  Great wonderful people lost their lives that day.  Many sacrificed themselves to save others.  Their lives never to be the same again.  It affacted all.  A lost loved one, uncertainty, scarring memories and in many other ways.

Out of this tragedy the people of New York pulled together and showed great love to one another.   It has come across greatly that people pulled together and helped each other, even risking their own lives.  I have great respect for all of these people.  People who said ‘they were’nt heros – I should have done more, I’m still here.’  These Humble Servicemen, we have such gratitude to.

I think this is funny, perhaps we should make our lists more obvious, but without the kitchen gadgets!

Store Cupboard Chocolate Cake

I tasted this cake tonight and it was yum!  It had been decorate and sandwiched with a thin layer of chocolate icing.

10oz SR Flour or 10oz P Flour and 3 3/4 level tsp baking powder

1/2  level tsp salt

3 level tbsp cocoa

6oz caster sugar

1 level tsp bicarbonate of soda

1/2 pint milk

1/4 pint oil

3 level tbsp golden syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Heat oven to gas 4, 350F and 180C.  Grease and line the bases with greaseproof of two 8-inch sandwich tins.

Sift flour, salt cocoa and sugar into a bowl.  Make a well in the middle and dissolve the bicarb in 1tbsp milk, then pour into the flour mixture with the remaining milk, oil, syrup and vanilla.  Beat well.

Pour into the tins and bake in the oven for about 30-40 mins or until cakes spring back when gently pressesd with the fingertip.

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