I’m sitting have my breakfast writing this.  It’s 11.40am! I’m having friends over tonight, we’re starting a new group.  We’re getting ready for Christmas!  A little early i know, but we’re planning on making crafts and gifts this year.  Hopefully the more organised we are, the more relaxed we’ll be when Christmas finally comes around.  Tonight we’ll be planning, what we want to make and sharing ideas.  I still need to gather the things i have already made together!  I ALWAYS SEEM TO BE LAST MINUTE WITH THESE THINGS AND NEED TO GET MORE ORGANISED!

Well, the title Hmmm!  I’m really excited about tonight, i’m setting the atmosphere and want to feel all Christmassy.  I love the planning of Christmas, but today is turning out to be a disaster.   😦   After telling the girls mammy has special visitors over tonight and we need to keep the house tidy, i’ve come down from putting Jacob to bed, which for some reason took over an hour, (singing and chatting away to himself, i was too frightened to move in my bedroom, incase i disturbed him even more!) i found the girls in the bathroom washing their babies, which had sudocrem applied to their bottoms!  Ventured into the kitchen to find food out of the freezer and the front room upside down!  biscuits mashed into the rug.  Tin foil all over the couch, the stack ot tables out and general mess everywhere, and to top it all off the dog had wee’d on the floor (luckily its wood).  I still have things i would like to make.  I still had housework to do, now all of this to clear away too.  Will i be finding myself saying the same old ‘excuse the mess’ routine.  I would have loved to have painted the picture of Perfect Housewife.  But i guess they’ll see me as my true colours – The Not So Perfect Housewife!


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