Not So Hmmm

It’s now 4.02pm.  I think i’m tidy as i’ll ever be.  The front room has had yet again another tidy (orange peel littered everywhere and their ‘babies’ juice spilt all over the floor.  You may ask where was i? tidying the remaining flour from the floor – read on).  I guess if this is going to be a regular event, they better get used to my erm ‘lived in home.’  I did tell you i wasn’t perfect, didn’t i? 

 We’ve managed to make some Christmas cookies, abit wierd in September, but well justified.   Had abit of an issue with flour all over the floor and bench, while i answered the phone    But the girls had a good go at cleaning it up and we had a good laugh about it. 

I made the tea in preparation yesterday and its in the oven as i speak, erm type.  I guess i am getting a little better at organisation!  The only thing left to do, is find all my gifts i’ve made and get them ready to show.  I wonder if i’ll be able to quickly whip something else up, or is that just asking too much!


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