My girls first day of term and My first week back at work over!

It was Evie’s first day of school today!  She started Reception class and Emily went into Y2.  I’m lucky having them both in Key stage 1, (The Infants) they see each other at playtimes etc.  Evie was able to have a cuddle of Emily at dinner time because she missed mammy but was ok after that.  They both loved it and are excited for school tomorrow.

It was abit chaotic this morning, as they had new entrances to go in (i was able to take them this morning) and my dad managed to figure out which exits to pick them up from this afternoon! (my job tomorrow!)

It was great hearing all their chatter and what they’d each had for dinner (i wonder how long that lasts, they usually ‘can’t remember!).  We’ve looked at the menus and discussed what they might choose tomorrow.  Emily for weeks on end had fish, pasta, gravy and sweetcorn! Err!  There allowed to choose themselves and although Emily knows this combination doesnt really go together, she still would choose it!  The school i work in, is now trying a new approach.  They have different coloured bands for different meal choices, ie hotpot, fishfingers, chicken sandwich and the relevant trimmings to go with it.  I’ve heard off lettuce, beans and gravy in the past!  It’s good they have a choice, but they need a little guidance  in choosing still.  If my girls could, they’d wear stripes, spots and pattern all in one go!

Jacob had a great day with Grandma and Grandad looking around the shops and i’m so pleased he’s gone to sleep for them in his cot, instead of them having to push him around in the pushchair.  He’s not sleeping the length of time he would normally, but its not bad and as he gets more used to the situation, the better he’ll become.  I even got to see him and have cuddles at dinner time. 

My first week (2 days) at work went well.  I literally feel as though i’ve never been away!  The days have gone quite quick and everyones made me feel welcome!  I think it helped alot, that i’d been in for a short afternoon before we broke up to meet the children going into the class i’m working in.  I’d been very nervous before hand, but by the end of the afternoon i was fine and felt much better about going back.  At the time i was still breastfeeding, but a few weeks ago Jacob stopped himself.  It wasn’t my choice at the time and i would have been very happy to have carried on for longer.  But support from good friends and my Hubbie helped me alot in this transition.  First week over and now counting down to the next holiday! 6 weeks time!

All children were asleep as their heads touched the pillows tonight!  Roll on tomorrow when the fun begins again!




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