Being Prepared and My First Night Going Out Without Jacob!

A quick break while i eat my dinner!

It’s the first time i’m going out tonight without Jacob.  I’ll be putting him to bed beforehand and slipping out to a preparedness night at church.  We’ll be looking at food storage, A 72hour pack and money management.  After everything you hear in the news, all the disasters and even the London Riots that spread, i want to be prepared.  Even when i may be short one week, or if anything happened like sickness, or job loss at least we wouldn’t need to worry so much with abit of food stored in the house and abit of money tucked away for this sort of occasion.  I’m planning on getting a one weeks supply of food to store in a seperate place from my weekly shop.  This will be kept and added to to make a 2 week supply etc. 

Items will be storecupboard items like, tin tomatoes, baked beans, spaghetti, sweetcorn, peas, carrots etc.  Rice, pasta and cereal.  Salt, sugar, flour.   These items tend to have a one year best before date or longer.  These items will need to be replaced each year by rotating with new items i buy.  Also biscuits have at least a 6 month date on them and if these are stored in a sealed box, can also be rotated.  Dried milk powder.  Hot chocolate actually tastes creamier using this.  and other items that have at least a years date.  Its about being organised and starting to rotate a few months before the items are to run out, so there is no wastage.  Also buying things gradually to help with the cost of doing so.

A 72 hour pack consists of food, water and essentials, for if you had to get out of the house quick.  The idea is to have this bag in an accesable place, where if needed you have it to hand quickly.  Some items are – 3 days worth of food.  Things that could get you by if needed.  Water.  a torch, money, paper, pen, warm clothing, toiletries, first aid kit, one of those silver blankets to keep warm. An actual blanket etc.  It depends how big your bag is and how much you are able to carry.  Childrens kits, with food and drink they could manage themselves, incase they were to become apart from you.  Warm clothing, blanket, colouring pencils and paper, a few sweets?   There is alsorts that could be added to these kits.  Also baby kits with milk, nappies, food essentials.

Hopefully we’ll never need a pack.  But what about floods that happened in the south?  Imagine a young child with a hungry tummy for a few hours, if you had to get out your home quick for one reason or another and you had no money for food, or shops were not open.  It’s really hit home that some things could happen and i would like to be prepared.

A few weeks ago we had London Riots that spread throughout the country.  Luckily it didn’t come up here in the north-east.  A few years ago i lived right next to a city, where if the riots had hit this city, i would have been able to watch from my bedroom window.  I would have been scared and would not have dared to go out for milk etc.  This has really got me thinking about food storage and a 72 hour pack.  

Hopefully i’ll never have to use these.  I’m thinking if i have them, i’ll not have to use them.  If i dont have these things in place, – a time might come when i wished i had!


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