Mass Tidy Up!

Today, well nearly this afternoon, i’m going to be cleaning and tidying as much of the house as i can!  Next week it’s Evies Birthday, she will be 5.  We decided last night to have 2 parties for her on the Saturday following her birthday.  We always have a big family party at teatime, but this year we have invited a couple of her friends over on the morning to have a princess party.  So i’m starting the big clean up now!  I’ve been to the shops this morning and bought invitations and a few things for party bags and pass the parcel.  I’m hoping not to leave everything to the last minute like i normally do.  I’ll have a cake to make next week and also i’m planning on making lots of cupcakes for her friends to decorate.  There will also be the food to make too.  So as much as i can do this week will be a big help. 

I better get started.  I have a tent catwalk to take down in the kitchen to start with and some washing to get out on the line.  Floors need sweeping and cleaned and that heap on the kitchen table put away.  I’m going to set a timer in each room, say 10 mins for each task and see how much i get done. When i do this i tend to work quicker and see improvememnts all over the house instead of just one place. 

Wish me luck!


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