We’ve been watching events of 9/11.  I can’t begin to imagine the absolute fear of the people.  The gut wrenching sadness of the familys.  The fatigue and exhaustion of the servicemen and the horrific memories to all.  We will never forget.

10 years ago today, this tragedy happened.  I was standing in Your More Store in Jarrow, looking at candles when i heard what had happened on the radio in the shop.  I remember going home and asking what had happened.  Watching the accounts.  I was 19 years old then.

I am now 29, married, 3 children later and still remember and always will.  I have not lost anyone personally as many have.  Great wonderful people lost their lives that day.  Many sacrificed themselves to save others.  Their lives never to be the same again.  It affacted all.  A lost loved one, uncertainty, scarring memories and in many other ways.

Out of this tragedy the people of New York pulled together and showed great love to one another.   It has come across greatly that people pulled together and helped each other, even risking their own lives.  I have great respect for all of these people.  People who said ‘they were’nt heros – I should have done more, I’m still here.’  These Humble Servicemen, we have such gratitude to.


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