One Act Of Random Kindness – Do It Today!

I would not normally write about this, as i think these things should be kept personal and should not be boasted about.  But something happened today and by sharing i hope i can inspire someone today to give a ‘random act of kindness’. 

I was walking home from a parents group at school, i saw a lady struggling with her shopping.  I have a pushchair with a large basket underneath, so i crossed over and simply asked, ”Have you far to go?  Would you like me to put some of your shopping into my basket?”

The worst that would happen, was she would say no – and i’d never see her again.

She answered ”Yes”.

It was’nt far, just around the corner.  We chatted about our families.  She shared apart of herself.  She was very grateful and also her husband at the front door.

As i left, i felt so good inside.  She may have felt that i had helped her, where infact she had helped me feel good about myself.

As i say, I don’t normally talk about these things.  But i want you to feel great, as i had.

You don’t have to go out and carry someones shopping.  A simple smile passing someone in the street.  As a yawn is contagious, so is a smile.  Pass one on today.

Please give ‘One Act Of Random Kindness’ today.  Whatever it may be, brighten someone and yourself today!


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