I want to make one!

Ruffle Necktie Tee Tutorial


{Ruffle Necktie Tee Tutorial}
Here’s what you need…

tee {mine was Forever 21- $1.50, or use one on hand}

tie {thrifted- $2 or use your hubby’s old tie!}
button {on hand}
and your trusty sewing machine, needle & thread
i hate pinning, so i didn’t do it! {i know there are some of you that are shaking your head…go ahead & pin if you’d like!} just wing it! it’s funner that way šŸ˜‰
{1} starting with the left side of the neckline & the small end of the tie. lay tie on top of neckline & start sewing straight.
{2} you will continue sewing a straight line on the left side of the neckline & on the back of the neckline.
{3} STOP when you get to the seam on the top right shoulder.
{4} to make ruffles: fold tie upward & sew on top. continue folding & sewing so it looks like this…
see! ruffles already šŸ™‚
pretty sure my sewing machine was hating me by the time this was over! it takes a lot of work for my poor $60 sewing machine to make it over all those thick ruffles šŸ™‚
{5} when you get close to the end, just lay the end of the tie flat. continue sewing until you meet up with the beginning stitch on the left side. {you will want to turn your sewing needle to meet up so it will create a “V”}
the bottom part of your tie will not be attached to the shirt, so it will flap like this.
{6} grab that cute button & hand sew it to your shirt.
And you’re DONE!!
So easy & stylish!
*I hope these directions made sense. You never know if what makes sense to you in your brain makes sense to others. If you have any questions let me know!

I loved doing this, I had to make another….

I’d love to see your tees if you decide to make one!
Email me your tees at: mckellscloset@gmail.com

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