Busy Busy!

Can’t believe i hav’nt posted for ages!  Just seem to have been so busy with birthday parties, Christmas craft nights and McMillan coffee/hot choc mornings and nights!  But guess what, it still doesn’t slow down.  I have cupcakes to bake for a friends 30th, 70s style and a Baptism Cake in a weeks time.  I guess it’s good to be kept busy!  Plus the main thing – i enjoy it and the kids do too!

I had a great morning with the mums from school  and the girls on the Thursday night.  We’ve made £17 so far for the McMillan Biggest Coffee Morning.  We’ll definately have to do it more often.  We spent a whole morning chatting.  It was great fun.  On the night we had a hot choc McMillan night along with the craft night.  Only one person made anything! (diligent Ruth)  We ended up looking at different ideas and chatting about Labor of all things!  This Thursday we will definately be sewing!  Lavender bags, felt robins and felt stars.  Its nice to just get together and talk about Christmas.  The groups getting bigger a s friends are bringing friends, which is great.  Poor Grandma will have no dining chairs left at this rate lol! (My mam lives across the road, so easy chair borrowing)  It’s lovely having a nice large group and sharing each others ideas.

The only thing is the Christmas Grand plan seems to have gone out the window!  Perhaps i’ll let it back in again soon, as i would love the house and wardrobes and cupboards to have a real deep clean.  I have managed some Christmas shopping – the earliest i have ever got so much in!  I’ve got the Christmas cards ready to write too!  I’ve managed to gather some really good ideas for pressies too, for family and friends and even me!  I usually just ask for suprises 🙂

The Christmas Elves will visit our house towards the end of the month beginning of November i think.  Can’t wait to see the girls reactions!  I don’t want to do it too early, but want enough time for them to really enjoy them. 

I also love Halloween and Bonfire night.  I really enjoy Autumn and all the colours it brings.  We’re starting to gather leaves for leaf printing and rubbings.  Conkers, leaves , acorns and berries make a nice little Autumn display in a bowl or plate.  If your children are anything like mine, they love to pick things up!  For months we had a stick/twig  fire on the hearth next to the real one!  Evie used to add to it constantly!

I hav’nt made much recently, but i realised i had not  upload pics of some of the things i’d made either.  I also must hunt out some of my fav recipes to share too, especially the Christmas ones.  I’ve recently found some really good websites and pages on facebook.  I must try some new things out as well as carrying on with things i’ve started.  I like to go back and forth to things.  I’ve recently bought some fab material, its really thick.  It used to be curtains,  i would like to make some of it into aprons and pe bags for the girls.  I love getting bargins like this as it only cost £2.29.  I also picked up a thick white cotton sheet to use for Halloween goodies.  I think it was just over £1.  I’ll also use it for the PE bags too.  I must get the sewing machine out soon!

Have a great day/night xx


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