Christmas is coming…

Well the plan was to have an early start on Christmas, now all of a sudden in just over a weeks time, everyone will be getting set for Christmas! Just, where has the time gone? November in 10 days time! We’ve already had a bit of frost this week and every day we’ve had the heating on!

I’ve been trying to think and put into practise saving money on electricity and gas. Switching lights off when leaving a room, such a simple one, but we all do it and leave it switched on. The sun was shining through the front of the house last week, making it warm, while jacob was asleep in his room at the front of the house, i had donned a jumper in the back. I saved on not having to put the heating on during that day and just a quick blast on the night. Something else very small, but helpful. We have a combi boiler, for washing hands it does not heat up quick enough if the heating is not already on, so instead of using the hot tap and have the boiler fire up for a few seconds i tend to use the cold, if the boilers not on. I think well if im using cold from the hot tap, i may aswell use cold from the cold tap.

I’ve made a few Christmas decorations and bought in a few pressies. I know what i want to buy, just waiting for pay day! I’ve bought Jacobs wrapping paper, but still looking for the girls. I usually start wrapping in December, but in the end it just seems a mad rush to wrap everything, plus the fear of one of the girls in a sleepy state wondering into the living room -arghh! I know a few people who are all wrapped! When do i start, i like to feel very Christmassy when doing it, but we dont get our tree untill the first saturday in December. I guess once November starts and bonfire night is over, thats when i start to play Christmas music around the house. Perhaps thats when i’ll start my wrapping. We make wrapping paper for friends and family, using brown paper and potatoe stamps. I guess we’ll have to start making that asap too! It may be a good half term activity. I usually dont have time to fit everything in i want to, so i said i wanted to begin early, i just need to put it into practise!

I made my Christmas cake last year, covered it with marzapan and that was it, it still tasted good! That was the problem with a young baby who breastfed every 1.5 hours lol! This year as soon as my christmas lights go up in the kitchen, we will bake it and leave plenty of time to marzapan and ice it. I have a new addition of a snowman from ‘the snowman’ to join santa and his sleigh! Our lights go up roughly a week before we hunt out the perfect tree – i’ll write about that later! Hehe!

I have a new interest – pinterest. I now have sooooo many ideas i want to try or make. I made my first girls dress and an identical one to match, so they each had one and of course i had to make hairbands to match. I followed a tutorial and made my own pattern. I couldnt believe how well they turned out!

Our Christmas craft nights are going well and more ladies are interested in coming-woohoo! We’ve made lavender bags, robins, stars, trees, reindeer, hearts, gingerbread men, flowers and aprons! Plus many, many ideas! Oh and the foods good, mince pies, christmas biscuits, jaffa cakes, ice-cream bomb, hot chocolates and of course ginger wine! We heard some lovely Christmas stories on Thursday night and have had some funny poems too. Its lovely to recall Christmas past and hear others treasured memories.

We watched our first Christmas film today, The Grinch. It was great and of course the start of many! I love these dark nights snuggled infront of the fire, it means Christmas is fast approaching!


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