I guess abit of a rant on – the usual – tidying!

Well after Jacob pulled a shelf of various tupperware tubs on top of himself ( which he found quite amusing), i decided it was time to sort out the cupboard! Its a large cupboard set into a chimney wall in the ‘little’ kitchen. We keep all the cups, glasses, bottles, etc in here, as this is the room where our sink is. We do not have a sink in the ‘kitchen’.  This would have been the morning room.  

Our house was built around 1852. One of my mams patients lived here during he 2nd world war for a time after their house was bombed. Its nice to hear stories, and little has changed. The kitchen, he said, was always a place were everyone gathered. Recently i have found this to be very much the case. We celebrated Prince William and Princess Kates wedding last year and we all ended up sat around in the kitchen.  At parties, this is the place we tend to settle in. At the craft nights this is where we create our masterpieces!

Well abit off track but, jacob and i have started the mass tidy of various tubs! The bin is now full of lids with no tubs! Bottle tops and old bottles. The cupboards been washed out, the vent to the chimney, hoovered out.  I can actually see the shelves and now have alot more room! 

This year i’m going to go through the house with a fine toothed comb! Have a big clear out! And be organised! I remember when we first looked around the house, and Carol opened another door and we just thought ‘more?’ i have seemed to have filled the house shall we say and its time to be ruthless! Im sick of cupboards being full and it just goes to show what abit of sorting can do! I think that has been the problem, we have had room and so have filled it! In our old house neil and i each had a wardrobe and one set of drawers between us. I used to sort them regularly as they filled up.  Now we have 2 full length double wardrobes, 2 double wardrobes with 2 rails in each, a full length double wardrobe of shelves. Shelving on eitherside of the wardrobes. 2 sets of drawers and 2 bedside tables all full! Oh and dont forget the cupboards above the bed! 6 in total! These are ALL FULL! I think after  4 years its about time to sort through them! 

So this year my goal is to have an organised house! To not let things pile up or stack up! I will go through this house and make it beautiful again and let it take my breath away like it did 4 years ago! 

I guess when i first started writing this, i didn’t think i’d end up ranting on. Its not as though the house is dirty or anything, its just that I’m running out of places to put things. Since being pregnant with Jacob and not being able to move, to breastfeeding every 2 hours, to sleep deprivation its taken its toll and now its time to put it right! Rant over, i’m off to sort! 


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  1. Ruth
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 18:04:22

    Ahh jess your house is beautiful, i feel so comfortable in your home. You have so many lovely and interesting things…a home should reflect the people who live in it and yours does…i think kirsty allsop said that xxx


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