The Lost Key

On Friday night Neil knocked on the lobby door. Oh Oh! This means there is no key in the lock! The only key! We did have one cut when we first moved in, but since it was cut i’ve never seen it.  We’ve been meaning to get a new one done, as it is an old key too. I remember when we had all the keys copied, the man said we were lucky he still had one of those keys and asked how old the house was etc. Well Evie owned up to having taken it out to insert my house keys into, then didn’t know where she had put it.  

We searched everywhere! She had literally been in the front room the whole time as we watched a film after school.  She had only been in the kitchen a total of 5 mins enough time to write herself and daddys name on the chalkboard while collecting her tea.  She hadn’t been upstairs and she had no pockets!  We searched high and low, moved chairs, checked under covers, under the kitchen table, in shoes, under the pushchair and in it.  The key was nowhere to be found 😦 Evie was sent to bed as she knows not to touch this key.  The search continued into the night and still nothing.

The next day toy boxes were emptied, bedrooms tidied and sides of chairs were searched and hoovered! ( i was gutted my money haul was under £2).  I gave up! The kids played on all of the cushions, just like i did as a child and had great fun.  We did our food shopping and the kids went to bed.  It wasn’t until we came downstairs that Neil found it just laying on the kitchen table! (uncluttered for once too) seriously it had not been there before.  We even had to check that it was the key, which it was. It was a miracle!  My relief at it being found was great! My fear of being locked between the two doors and Jacob in the house was no more! 

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