Its been a while…

So, its been a while, a long while…i forgot how to log on and then how to post! But i made it, i’m blogging.

January seemed to drag, then whoosh and it’s May! So let’s see what happened in Feb…

February – We went on holiday! We had a fab time at Centre Parcs at the whinfell site. Saw a ton of wildlife, frozen lakes, watched the panto Cinderella and swam outside in -temperatures. Evenings were spent infront of the log fire with dvds.

Glitter Playdough – Why not, its love month!

Valentines Day. We did the new ‘staying in, is the new going out.’ We ordered our favourite curry and watched ‘Valentines Day,’ infront of the fire. Saved half of what we would have spent going out and on the plus side i got to sit in my jammies, now you can’t do that in a resturant!

March – Sam and Mels wedding. We had a road trip to Preston. Over indulged on the Oreo cupcake, plus my fav carrot cake from costco.

Scrapbooking night – I did my first scrap book page, still need to finish the second!

Solar Panels – We got solar panels installed and had scaffolding up for ages! The kids loved swinging on it!

A&E – Jacob was poorly and we had to take him down to the walk in center, then on to A&E. Daddy suprised us and met us there. Poor baby had a viral infection 😦

Heat Wave – i heard of some places in the area reaching over 20c!

April – Chris and Maghans wedding. After warnings of snow and rain all week, Friday 13th was beautiful! Again yummy yummy carrot cake!

Neils Birthday! Suprise Party, he had no idea! Friends came over and we ordered takeout. It worked out well as friends were already in the house and he walked in with friends. It nearly didn’t go ahead as Jacob had been ill the day before, but as kids do, picked up straight away. For his birthday, he bought some bowls he desperatley wanted!

Planting out – we have our name down for an allotment, but it’s going to take 5 years, so pots it is! Planted out quite a few things so far but still have loads to do. We had a new compost bin kindly given to us. We’ve called it Compo!


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  1. brendaintheboro
    May 10, 2012 @ 14:27:35

    Hey, I didn’t even know you had a blog. Just been looking on the Facebook page. Love the update on what your little family is doing and at least I can see the kids growing and not have an outdated image in my head.


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