Special folks- God made twice…

Today was a special day. Our friends twin boy babies were blessed. Its lovely seeing one blessing, but two baby blessings, amazing. Beautiful personal prayers given by the father, he made me shed a tear or two many times today. The ‘exchange’ between the blessings made me smile, as one was layed down to ‘swap’ between mother and father. The food afterwards was yum. The twins Grandmother had cooked a full on Sundays dinner in her home and transfered it to church. Oh and don’t get me started on the deserts that followed. One was a baked cheesecake made by Mother and Father, they also made a 3 leveled cake! This same Mum and Dad made Jacob’s birthday present. A beautiful cushion for his bedroom. I don’t know how they do it?!?! Did i mention they have 3 children under 3!

We had beautiful sunshine this morning and even managed to get J off to sleep in his pushchair before food, but while we were eating the heavens opened! We had thunder and lightning, hailstones and masses of heavy rain. We hung around awhile after until it died down abit. The Crack of the thunder was amazing. Neil reversed the car to the doorways, under the shelter, the girls actually climbed through the boot! I made a run for it and in the space of a doorway i had trickles down my face. NEil passed Jacob in through the boot and i fastened him in. The kids were hyper with excitment, only a few weeks ago we had floods which we’d never seen before! We drove through streams of water and luckily our side of the A19 wasn’t flooded and down to one lane. It stopped as we were driving and cleared up. Later i saw a couple of pics on Facebook, A roundabout near us was under water and entrances to streets were non passable, also the front end of a bus up to the windscreen was under water as it headed down a dip. There was still hailstones piled together on a chair at my mams. One thing im grateful for today, apart from friends, safety, the rain stopping, was the heated seats in the car!

P.S we played pass the parcel today, just us, poor Jacob didnt understand as it was wrapped in the same paper i’d used to wrap his pressies. Luckily i had included a sweet in each layer, which distracted him and Neil let him win the prize of a little bag of sweets, i had spares for all of us, the girls were rather happy about this!


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