Things to do this summer

At the beginning of the 6 weeks holiday we made a list of all the things we want to do this summer. Im glad to say we’ve already achieved a few and have a few more to add too.

Things to do this summer

Build a tipee in the garden.
Snorkle in the bath
Turn the bath water a different colour
Go on a mini beast adventure
Fairy treasure hunt
Make a map
Visit mildean farm
Visit bill quey farm
Visit the airshow
Picnic in the park
Movie and popcorn
Pyjama party
Visit south shields museum
Beach and ice-cream
Visit st marys lighthouse
Visit a friend
Visit Gran Gran
Play with playdough
Make ice cream/ lollies
Make cotton candy
Bake chocolate cookies
Bake Libs
Make smoothies
Do a jigsaw
Play board games
Go to the library
Go rockpooling
Build a sandcastle
Build a moat
Have a tea party in the garden
Have a teddy bears picnic
Make perfume
Make jelly
Feed the ducks
Go to marine park
Visit beamish
Junk modelling
Play hopscotch
Paint outside
Chalk outside
Go to allotment
Make cress heads
Bounce on the trampoline
Bike ride
Go swimming
Sail boats
Water fight
Paddling pool
Water sprinkler
Harvest fruit/ veg
Read books
Make picture folders
Bake chocolate shortbread
Go on. Train ride
Bake banana cake
Bake fairy cakes


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