Jacob’s words today -‘more’ is much more pronounced and actually coming and telling me He’d had a ‘poo!’ His favourite word yesterday was ‘no!’ Usually he was shouting this at his friend in the park! Another favourite is ‘ouch,’ he says this a lot.

He started making sounds and saying words when he was around 6-8 months, like brummmmm, puss, woof, juice, quack, bye in his own way, also mama and dadda. Then he just took a break! He expresses himself very well and you know exactly what he wants. Probably with this and his two older sisters, he decided to wait awhile! He’s started to talk alot more now and We now have tractor, car, sweeties, moo, meow, the noise of a pig, bye, shh, bot bot for his bottle of milk, me (copied after Emily shot her arm up into the air and he copied) we had Amen after prayers last night. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he said Rhys yesterday. Also Grandad and Grandma are coming along canny. He likes to use aw as in ouch a lot and says poo, oooh, chu chu, Yum, here, gone, mmmmm, omom as in chomping food. He was fascinated with twin girls at church on Sunday at the blessing and says baby.

I’m sure within time all his words will come. I’m still wondering whether it will be Emily or Evie first, one of them will be dissapointed, eek! He was the same with his walking, he took a few steps then decided it was quicker to crawl ( he was pretty fast and people used to comment on how quick he was), he waited a couple more months until he decided to try again!He was probably closer to 15, 16 months! Now you would never know the difference as he runs along! I used to hear about children walking later and wondered why it took so long, were they not walked around holding hands etc, but i understand now!


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