Date Night Family Night

Friday night is our date night. Tonight we shared it with our children and took them to the beach!

We had sort of planned to go to Souter Lighthouse and have abit of a walk down to the stone beach, but on the way we decided to head to Trowel Rocks beach. We sat near the cliffs and the kids played with buckets and spades. Emily started on digging a hole, then Neil decided to dig one too, i’m not kidding they were both falling into them!

We watched the boats and Jacob headed for the water. We hadn’t planned on getting wet, so had no towel or spare clothes – big mistake! Neil thought he’d let Jacob have abit paddle, this ended up taking his nappy off along with his clothes and leaving him in his bodysuit. Once Jacob was in, the girls were in too. Evie got soaked right up to her armpits. Neil even had abit paddle and his trousers got abit wet!

When i was a child my favourite thing to do at the beach was to build a moat, so thats what we did tonight! We channelled a stream to the moat too, so it filled up quicker. The girls decorated it with sticks and seaweed that had been washed up with the tide.

The kids thought it was great wearing mammmys and daddys huddies on the way home and a quick warm bath warmed them through beore bed.

We all really enjoyed tonight, nothing better than a free night out!
Jacobs zonked too!


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