Washington Wildfowl Trust

More than 5 years ago we purchased a years membership here, last month we realised we’d been debited each year for this. We’d moved house and like all the other memberships we’ve had in the past, once the year ended it was finished and we’d choose to renew. Well opps, this was not the case. It was a direct debit membership. Our membership was only for 2 adults and no childreen as Emily would have been under 2. Neil rang them and they apologised as they held no details for us, the banks do instead. She gave us a family membership for no extra and renewed our pass from this month. We were also able to visit that same day. A couple of days later we received a very nice letter of apologies. We do realise this is our fault and we should check our bank statements each month. Its now also not set up as a direct debit, so we can decide if we wish to renew it next year. Well anyways we had a great time, although i bumped Jacobs head. Yes i am a bad mother! I did not strap him into his pushchair for the 20mtr walk we had to feed the ducks the left over food, and he fell out 😦 It was also the only time he had sat in his pushchair!


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