Tuesday 6th May

We woke to heavy persistant rain this morning. I’d already arranged with Grandma that she would take the kids to school as Noah and I are attending a 10 week Baby Social class. This was the third week. Its at Primrose Childrens Centre, which is a 20 minute walk away. I thought, if i walk there, it’s not going to be much fun sitting from 9.45-11.00 soaking wet, so i asked my dad if i could borrow his car. It was a big step for me because i had not driven in 6 and a half months! Eek! All went well though and felt as though i had not had the break.

They was 2 mams there and the instructor called Catherine who i realised i knew from when i did my nursery nursing training in a babys room at cleadon kindergarten. It was nice it was just a very small group because of the rain.

Noah loved playing with a white horse, large white cockeral and a dinosaur. This week we played with water. I hadn’t brought spare clothes with just coming in the car, so i striped him down to his body suit. He loved sitting next to the cintainer splashing his arms in. They was a couple of boats and squirty fish to pay with. Good job i changed him because he was wet!

We sang a couple of songs and he loved playing with a plastic shaker and sucking on its round end.

One of the mams is called Katie, who i did baby massage with and her son Oscar. I think he is about a month younger than Noah. Perhaps 5 and a half months now. Then theres another mam, who i can’t recall her name at the moment, and her daughter Holly. She is a month older than Noah at about 7 and a half months. It’s nice to be able to get out and chat with other mums.

I’ve noticed today that Noah is getting better at sitting unaided. Although he did take a nose dive forward. I was worried he’d get a mark on his forehead, but luckily i don’t think the fall was bad enough. Phew! He managed to go onto his tummy today, realised he didn’t like it, then rolled himself onto his back. Yeay!

Playing while he should be in bed.

Playing while he should be in bed.

I'm getting better at sitting on my own!

I’m getting better at sitting on my own!


The kids had clubs tonight. Emily does Hula Hooping, Evie Gymnastics and Jacob Dance and Drama because its on the same day as the girls. They also have film club every other Thursday. Noah was due a sleep at 4 pm and pick up time is 4.30pm so i took Noah fora walk along bedeburn road, past the allotments then up the police bank to give him a sleep. It was dry but blustery although the wind wasn’t cold.

Neil went out home teaching tonight. Noah decided it wasn’t bedtime and ended up back downstairs at 7.45. Evie helped me to put a white load of washing in, including Neils white football gear for tomorrow night. It had missed the wash. She was a good help holding Noah, then hanging wet washing on the clothes airer. She enjoyed it because she was supposed to be in bed.

I watched a programme on tv about bread. It was interesting. One fact was that everyone in the country prefers thick sliced bread apart from people in the North East who buy medium. I’ve always preferred medium for sarnies! Plus when the bread goes into the tins to be baked it goes in as 4 seperate pieces that join together when baking. This gives it, its spreadability, so it doesn’t tear when spreading butter tc on.

Noah settled to sleep at 10 pm. I watched more of midsumer murders with a slice of brown bread! He eas good and just up the once with a 20 min feed then up at 5.55 for his morning feed before being up at around 6.30.


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