Emily said to me today 'It's 7 weeks till Christmas! My goodness she is nearly right. By the weekend it is 7 weeks till Christmas, and how those weeks will fly! I actually started to listen to Christmas music today. I usually wait until after bonfire night, but after the morning i had, i needed something to cheer me up! As normal, it's a rush out the door ready for school. Both girls decided they did need to go to the toilet before we went, (glad we've got 2!) poor Chloe was waiting at the door for us! Next stop was Jarrow. I needED some milk, bread and we would be low on nappies by the weekend. Morrisons has an offer on again this Christmas. If i spend £40 or more each week for 6 out of the 8 weeks, i'll get a £25 gift voucher to spend instore. I've done it for the past few years, with similar incentives. So i thought i'd get some food shopping and even made a note as how much i'd spent. I gave up later as i realised i'd definately hit my £40 target. I actually spent £50! I still needed to get things for the shoe box appeal, but my pushchair was so heavy and Jacob was getting tired. We live not for from the shops, so i rang my dad to see if he'd be able to pick up my shopping (i don't normally do this). After he picked it up and went shopping himself, i tackled the shops for items. 4 shops later and i had everything i needed, apart from a ball, which i couldn't find anywhere! After a doll, dollys bottle, a mass amount of colouring things, paints, sweeties, hat, scarf, gloves, hairbrush, hair bobbles, face cloth, soap, toothbrush and paste, oh and of course the cuddly toy, i had a very sleepy young man, filled with chocolate buttons! Jacob does not sleep long in his pushchair, so now to keep him awake, but could i – no! Even carrying him, he fell asleep, so i popped him back in and practically ran all the way home! I got in the house, to my joy my shopping was there and not in the car waiting for me to unpack it, as threatened! Even the fridge things had been put away – thanks dad! I carried a sleeping Jacob upstairs and into his sleeping bag and into bed with hardly a stir. I sat down on my bed and realised how tired i was. This hour change, i usually love, but jacob wakes at 6am instead of 7! Well i decided to lie in bed and read my book. I don't normally sleep during the day, but i thought this time i would. I'd just settled to sleep when the dog, walked into Jacobs room. Ahhhhhhhh! Jacob woke up! I neither got the housework done or had a sleep and to top it off, a tired baby! So when i went downstairs to find the breakfast dishes and the rest of the shopping to put away, i decided right – time for the Christmas music to cheer me up! Jacob likes music and bobbed along to most of them! It did cheer me up and made me feel all Christmassy.

Tonight it was coming in dark when we went to pick Emily up from gardening club. We had chicken, rosties, carrots and sprouts for tea, it actually smelled really Christmassy. I played the cd again and Emily got sooo excited, this is when she preceeded to tell me it was only 7 weeks away, then made a Christmas sign for the window.

Well it is November now and actually theres not that long to get all organised! So i’m starting! I made some of my Christmas Fudge tonight. I’m going to have a go at packaging it up in chunks/slabs, as a trial run for any pressies i may want to make with it. I really want to get started on the gifts i want to sew too. Today i added to the calender on the ipad, and already November and December are really filling up! We would like to go to Hall Hill farm and Beamish this Christmas, i think i’ll have to pencil them in now! What i do need to make is a gift list. What i have, what i would like to make, supplies needed to make said gifts and gifts i want to buy. I had started doing this, but i think Jacob drew all over and got a hold of it! So new ones required in a set place, so it doesnt go missing! I also want to buy a bag that stores all the wrapping paper, sellotape, bows, giftags etc in. I’ve seen one in the studio catologue for £4. I think this would be quite a good investment and look neat too. Instead of having a carrier bag with various bits in, hanging from the handle of a cupboard in the kitchen!

I’ve started to read Christmas books too. I’ve just finished a fantastic one – The Twelve days of Christmas. It was great, all about being snowed in! I’m reading one now set in the 2nd world war. Well i’m off to go and read now , curled up in bed with a hot water bottle!

The pictures here are from last Christmas. My brother Aaron, took these shots – he’s a class photographer!


Christmas is coming…

Well the plan was to have an early start on Christmas, now all of a sudden in just over a weeks time, everyone will be getting set for Christmas! Just, where has the time gone? November in 10 days time! We’ve already had a bit of frost this week and every day we’ve had the heating on!

I’ve been trying to think and put into practise saving money on electricity and gas. Switching lights off when leaving a room, such a simple one, but we all do it and leave it switched on. The sun was shining through the front of the house last week, making it warm, while jacob was asleep in his room at the front of the house, i had donned a jumper in the back. I saved on not having to put the heating on during that day and just a quick blast on the night. Something else very small, but helpful. We have a combi boiler, for washing hands it does not heat up quick enough if the heating is not already on, so instead of using the hot tap and have the boiler fire up for a few seconds i tend to use the cold, if the boilers not on. I think well if im using cold from the hot tap, i may aswell use cold from the cold tap.

I’ve made a few Christmas decorations and bought in a few pressies. I know what i want to buy, just waiting for pay day! I’ve bought Jacobs wrapping paper, but still looking for the girls. I usually start wrapping in December, but in the end it just seems a mad rush to wrap everything, plus the fear of one of the girls in a sleepy state wondering into the living room -arghh! I know a few people who are all wrapped! When do i start, i like to feel very Christmassy when doing it, but we dont get our tree untill the first saturday in December. I guess once November starts and bonfire night is over, thats when i start to play Christmas music around the house. Perhaps thats when i’ll start my wrapping. We make wrapping paper for friends and family, using brown paper and potatoe stamps. I guess we’ll have to start making that asap too! It may be a good half term activity. I usually dont have time to fit everything in i want to, so i said i wanted to begin early, i just need to put it into practise!

I made my Christmas cake last year, covered it with marzapan and that was it, it still tasted good! That was the problem with a young baby who breastfed every 1.5 hours lol! This year as soon as my christmas lights go up in the kitchen, we will bake it and leave plenty of time to marzapan and ice it. I have a new addition of a snowman from ‘the snowman’ to join santa and his sleigh! Our lights go up roughly a week before we hunt out the perfect tree – i’ll write about that later! Hehe!

I have a new interest – pinterest. I now have sooooo many ideas i want to try or make. I made my first girls dress and an identical one to match, so they each had one and of course i had to make hairbands to match. I followed a tutorial and made my own pattern. I couldnt believe how well they turned out!

Our Christmas craft nights are going well and more ladies are interested in coming-woohoo! We’ve made lavender bags, robins, stars, trees, reindeer, hearts, gingerbread men, flowers and aprons! Plus many, many ideas! Oh and the foods good, mince pies, christmas biscuits, jaffa cakes, ice-cream bomb, hot chocolates and of course ginger wine! We heard some lovely Christmas stories on Thursday night and have had some funny poems too. Its lovely to recall Christmas past and hear others treasured memories.

We watched our first Christmas film today, The Grinch. It was great and of course the start of many! I love these dark nights snuggled infront of the fire, it means Christmas is fast approaching!

The Elves



The Elves arrived this morning in the post.  Now to print the letters etc.

Craft Night!

What a great success last nights Christmas craft/gift night was!  Hopefully i’ll be all organised this year, especially if we get snow like last year.  Hopefully i’ll be prepared enough to just hibernate with the Christmas films! 

I’ve never started so early, its usually October when i begin my shopping.  But i’ve already got a few gifts in for the kids and have starting making gifts too.  I love the planning before Christmas, so i guess starting earlier will be great and i’ll not have to rush around so much at the end.

We planned last night and have decided to make lavender bags on the next get together.    It was great hearing others ideas.  Theres just so much i want to do now!  We also talked about what we each do at Christmas,  i think we were all definately excited for Christmas by the end of the night.

Thanks for coming girls, can’t wait for the next!


I’m sitting have my breakfast writing this.  It’s 11.40am! I’m having friends over tonight, we’re starting a new group.  We’re getting ready for Christmas!  A little early i know, but we’re planning on making crafts and gifts this year.  Hopefully the more organised we are, the more relaxed we’ll be when Christmas finally comes around.  Tonight we’ll be planning, what we want to make and sharing ideas.  I still need to gather the things i have already made together!  I ALWAYS SEEM TO BE LAST MINUTE WITH THESE THINGS AND NEED TO GET MORE ORGANISED!

Well, the title Hmmm!  I’m really excited about tonight, i’m setting the atmosphere and want to feel all Christmassy.  I love the planning of Christmas, but today is turning out to be a disaster.   😦   After telling the girls mammy has special visitors over tonight and we need to keep the house tidy, i’ve come down from putting Jacob to bed, which for some reason took over an hour, (singing and chatting away to himself, i was too frightened to move in my bedroom, incase i disturbed him even more!) i found the girls in the bathroom washing their babies, which had sudocrem applied to their bottoms!  Ventured into the kitchen to find food out of the freezer and the front room upside down!  biscuits mashed into the rug.  Tin foil all over the couch, the stack ot tables out and general mess everywhere, and to top it all off the dog had wee’d on the floor (luckily its wood).  I still have things i would like to make.  I still had housework to do, now all of this to clear away too.  Will i be finding myself saying the same old ‘excuse the mess’ routine.  I would have loved to have painted the picture of Perfect Housewife.  But i guess they’ll see me as my true colours – The Not So Perfect Housewife!

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