August Garden Fruit and Veg

We’ve been harvesting some of our fruit and veg from the garden. I thought i’d take a few pics of things that were still growing. All of these are grown in pots/boxes of various size.


The Lottie!

‘This is my allotment…’

After a Sunday stroll, near the allotments, we thought we’d give another phonecall and find out exactly where we were on the waiting list and if there was anywhere else nearby. I couldn’t believe it when Neil text me at work to say there was an allotment, possibly two at Hill Park! Only a few minutes away and slighty further away than the allotments closer to us. I thought Hill Park was only for pigeon keepers, but we found out the plot was a veg plot that brothers had owned with the pigeon lofts behind. Oh, i also found out we were 80th on the list for the other allotments, so even with a waiting list of 5 years, i think it would be closer to 10! We arranged to meet the man the next day at 6pm, but had a sneaky look that night. We couldn’t really see much, just judged roughly the length of the plot and made the decision, no matter how overgrown we’d take it! Better than waiting close to 10 years!

Totally excited all day Wednesday and arrived prompt! The gate was abit stuck (now fixed so i can actually open it) and the pathway massivly overgrown to the point you could not see where you were walking. We had to dip under a scaffold and eventually reached the gate. At first we thought it was just a corrogated wall, but eventually we found a bolt on the otherside into our allotment. Yes it was overgrown but it was ours! We found a potato patch, a stray carrot or two that had gone to seed. A massive raddish (the size of a small swede) and some rather large beetroot.

We picked up the keys on Thursday teatime. Neil had the day off as Evie was dancing with her school at the customs house. We headed up to Morrisons garden centre in Sunderland and purchased an apple tree, jubilee plum (very fitting for the Queens Jubilee) and a pear tree and a few extra plants. We looked around B&Q and enjoyed a McDonalds breakfast! We picked up some wooden crates on the way home too. We rushed to Evies show in the pouring rain. She was fantastic, very proud Mama! Neil Dropped me back at school, while He picked up the key and ourchased a petrol strimmer. He then set off in the rain to get started on the path. There actually is a path!

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