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Knitted cup cakes

Im currently making cakes for a bakery for the kids to play with for christmas, and here are a couple of cakes which I have already made.  They are stuffed with wadding and would make great pin cushions or gifts.

If anyone is interested in knitting cup cakes, please let me know and I can share the instructions on how to create them.

Felt Flower Hairband

I love making things at the moment.  This is the first hairband i’ve made.  I’m planning on making more for Christmas.  I bought the plain hairband and made a felt flower and stitched it to the band. 

 I used 6 strips of felt 2cm x 10cm to make the outer petals, then 2cm x 7.5cm for the middle and a length of 2cm x 30cm for the inside. 

To make the petals,  I stitched along one edge of a strip , then pulled the thread to gather it.  Straightened out the edges to leave the gather in the middle. 

Then stitched the middle sides by folding together along the edge and stitching.  It then opens out.  I repeated for all the petals.

I stitched the six petals together.  Overlapping each petal to the middle of the next and put a couple of stitches in to hold.  I did the same for the middle 6 petals.

For the middle of the flower.  I stitched along one edge and gathered it up.  I turned the felt to make it into a flower shape.

I then stitched all 3 parts together and fastened it to the hairband with a circle of felt on the back.  The hairband was between this circle and the flower.  I was able to stitch it to the hairband  ribbon too.


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