Auntie Emily’s BBQ

Bank holiday Monday
4th May 2015

Auntie Emily and Uncle Isaac moved into their new house in Blyth at the end of March after their wedding on the 6th Feb of this year. All the family were invited round to enjoy a BBQ. Luckily the weather had improved after it rained for the best part of the day the day before.

We arrived a bit late just before 12, after another restless night with Noah, i was so glad of a lie in! The girls had been to the allotment with Grandma and had brought home a few more onions and eggs and had gathered a lovely bunch of bluebells and hyathis. We popped into Jarrow to buy an outdoor baby swing for Noah and some sand and while Neil dropped our buys off at home we nipped into Morrisons for juice and pop for the BBQ. Next stop was Next at Silverlink to buy plimsill sort of shoes for the summer for the girls, previous years we’ve left this a bit late and not had the choice, or bought from cheaper shops and they havn’t lasted, but after last year getting some for Eve here, we returned. Unfortunity after many choices of design and sizes only one pair managed to fit Emily. They both seem to be inbetween sizes! Grrrr! So much for forward planning! We did buy Evie some black plimsell type shoe at asda 2 weeks previously for £3.50 to wear with her school summer dresses. I think we may return and get some more as we usually have troble finding shoes for Eve as she has a wide foot like me.

So after a quick dive into Next we arrived at Auntie Ems. Uncle Aaron and Lucy had stayed over night and Grandma and Grandad were there. We all walked round to the park next to there house and spent half an hour there before walking back to start the food and for the arrival of Kris and Donna.



The food was lovely! We had burgers, sausages and marinated chicken along with buns, salads, coleslaw, potato salad and cheese slices. For pudding there was yummy apple pies from Lidl and Emily had bought mini milks and fabs for the kids although Grandad enjoyed these too.

Isaac had been working with extra pay and an extra days holiday but arrived home intime for food and to quickly lie slate on the otherside of his lawn in the garden. They have space at the back for a veg patch, she already has onions planted. Lawn in the middle with slate eitherside and they are waiting for more slabs to finish a patio area. Her kitchen doors open fully onto this. We all were seated on garden chairs.

Noah was good and managed two short naps in his pushchair while we were there and enjoyed a dinner of fruity museli. He also had cuddles from everyone, but as soon as he saw me again he’d want me. We are currently going through that stage i think! Oh and he also watched ‘Tipping point’, a gameshow he loves! Counters go into a machine after questions have been answered to try and get more counters out, just like the 2p fair games.

When we arrived home the kids went into the bath after they had played in the dirt rady for school in the morning and Noah enjoyed a bath in the kitchen sink in his new pale blue washing up bowl! I then game him nearly a full body massage while he watched tipping point upstairs before bed. He was nice and calm lol.


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