Saturday 2nd May

Well i’ve decided to try and blog again. I’m up a few times in the night with Noah, which actually gives me the time to blog!

At the moment Neil is working out the back making a seating area, put up a freebie playhouse, new bark and a general tidy up. We always seem to end up with a big mess.

The kids already have a trampoline which they love, a swing and a slide. We also have a water ship given to us by Ruth and Norman Dempsey. We plan to turn our old garden table into a big sand pit. We’ve had chickens out he back previously so i wouldn’t fancy eating from it!

Here’s how its doing so far:


Neil worked on this on Saturday. The kids were in and out playing on the trampoline, but it was freezing!

One lovely memory i have of Saturday was all the kids playing with the wooden blocks. These timeless blocks which i’m sure little Emily had to given of Nan and grandad when she was little. Noah was sat on the floor putting them in his mouth and each of the children were doing there own thing. Jacob was making towers or copying ones i had made for him, then used his Hulk Smash hands to smash them own. Emily was making towers and Evie along with towers made a domino stack, then realised some blocs wouldn’t give the same effect. Later Jacob made a long road with them for his cars. Happy Memories.

I managed to spend a bit of time in Jacob’s room, its been a bombsite and still far from being organised again, but i made a start and we have floorspace again! He loved playing with all of his toys today from transformers to dinosaurs, castles to cars. Then he took some figures downstairs to play with at teatime. I think he spent all afternoon in his room along with his late lunch of dinosaur cut jam sarnies.


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